3 x videos about ‘feeler’

We made a short video of our work at OktoLab, The Plimsoll Gallery Hobart.

Also – below is our video paper for OktoLab: Octopus Encounters: An Immersive Library of Octopus Aesthetics, Germany, 2021.

This paper discusses the inspiration for the work – from early research into artistic representations and the fascinating lives and qualities of octopuses, through to videos of octopuses being prepared and eaten alive. This exposure focused my research and the resulting artwork on the increasing attempts to industrialise the production of octopus meat.

Warning: some triggering images of octopus as meat.

We were also asked a bit about our work by Experimenta, so that people going to the exhibition Experimenta Lifeforms could find out a little bit more about our work and collaboration.

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