Animaladies & Fleshy Encounters

This coming week is busy – presenting at PSi#22 – Fleshy Encounters: Performing Responsibilities in a time of ecological crisis with creative writers Sue Pyke and Hayley Singer.  Exhibition- Animaladies at Interlude Gallery, Glebe, and presenting Empathic Udder-ness: Witnessing and the traumatic imagination at the conference.



Fleshy encounters – performing response-abilities

It’s getting close to the deadline for our creative collaboration ‘Fleshy encounters’ at Psi #22. Creative writers Sue Pyke and Hayley Singer and I will join forces to fragmentarily present three short readings.  Contextualised within the framework of performing climates – our works draw down to the micro, the individual, the embodied, the flesh, and death.  Expanded – they allude to violence, feminism, masculinities, sexual oppression, climate change.  One more session together before we present on Thursday 7 July.