Work in progress

Utilising these hot days to get some Plasticine mouldmaking work done – possibly for a new wall work for Selvedge [Melbourne Fashion Festival ‘VAMFF’] – using the leather symbol as the outline, the work extends the slink and boobscape series.   While these seem to be mostly human-animal breasts, they push the boundaries between the human and non-human breast, some are small and young – a nod to the age of farmed animals when forced breeding commences, they are multiple and pressed together, they droop and extend.


Animaladies & Fleshy Encounters

This coming week is busy – presenting at PSi#22 – Fleshy Encounters: Performing Responsibilities in a time of ecological crisis with creative writers Sue Pyke and Hayley Singer.  Exhibition- Animaladies at Interlude Gallery, Glebe, and presenting Empathic Udder-ness: Witnessing and the traumatic imagination at the conference.



new boobscape cast

first cast off the new mould today – graduating boobs, from petal like growths to full boobs – hung in the middle of this formation.  Added some new ‘milk’ strings [which will be embedded in the teats].  hanging the work low to the floor, like over-full udders weighed down … continual struggle to work with the ugliness of this piece.  Tomorrow I should be able to see the first cast from the large udder mould … and started another new mould yesterday.

Udderly – testing continues

Cast 1b – boob-scape cast in coloured latex.  Udder form 2a in progess with latex milk thread test.   Slow progress in material driven iterative practice.  Moulds made for larger udder series 3 yet to be cast.

Director’s Cut – Blake Prize


very pleased that flesh lumps (pieta) was selected for the Director’s Cut for the 2016 Blake Prize.   William Blake’s poem The Fly, 1793 was influential in developing my attitudes towards non-human others.

Preparing works for F generation: feminism, art, progressions

Packing up the flesh that binds us (fleshbook: latex & tissue), 2015 and a copy of The Art of the Animal for the F generation: feminism, art, progressions exhibition and archive.