SPOM – Sexual Politics of Meat Exhibition


The Sexual Politics of Meat Exhibition is coming up soon at The Animal Museum.  The exhibition itself will run from 26 February till 30 April 2017.  I’ll be there for the install and opening weekend – and I’m thrilled at the line up of events – http://theanimalmuseum.com/events/spom-opening-weekend/

The Sexual Politics of Meat Exhibition: Opening Weekend Festivities

“How does someone become something?” – Fourteen contemporary women artists ask and explore this very question through a variety of media in The Sexual Politics of Meat, a landmark and thought-provoking exhibition presented by The Animal Museum and curated by Kathryn Eddy, Janell O’Rourke, and L.A. Watson.

Join us for an insightful weekend with the legendary Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, Dr. Stephen F. Eisenman, and the exhibition curators and artists.

With special guests: SPOM author Carol J. Adams, Dr. Stephen F. Eisenman (author, The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights), Martin Rowe (Lantern Books), and the exhibition curators and artists. PLUS live jazz music from Stray Dog Song, wine, beer and vegan bites.

2 to 3:30 PM
“The history of the sexual politics of meat slide show: working with ARTISTS, liberating ideas and oppressive images” presented by Carol J. Adams, followed by a Q&A

The Slide Show provides an ecofeminist analysis of the interconnected oppressions of sexism, racism, and speciesism by exploring the way popular culture draws on dominant Western philosophical viewpoints regarding race, gender, and species. It identifies how meat has been a valued masculine-identified protein source and the ways that assumptions about meat eating reinforce a gender binary. It proposes that many meat advertisements are conduits for hate-speech against women and also that they offer ways to encode “whiteness” without being explicit.

4 to 5:00 PM
“Women, Animals, and Art” Panel Discussion
A rousing discussion with Carol J. Adams, the curators, and artists that address the theories found within the book. Panel moderator: Dr. Stephen Eisenman, author of The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights

The Animal Museum

The Animal Museum is opening in December 2016, I’ll be heading over in February 2017 to be part of the Art of the Animal: Sexual Politics of Meat exhibition – which I see they’ve abbreviated to SPOM! – and I’m also looking forward to viewing their permanent exhibit of the history of animal advocacy in the US.

Info about the exhibition as it becomes available: http://theanimalmuseum.com/exhibits/the-sexual-politics-of-meat/


The Art of the Animal has arrived!

Here’s the book The Art of the Animal, Lantern Press, 2015.  Featuring my chapter and 5 wonderful full colour pages of images.  Great to be involved in this project which will continue with an exhibition SPOM: Sexual Politics of Meat Exhibition at The Animal Museum, in 2017.

Art of the Animal

I’m really excited to be included in The Art of the Animal: 14 Women Artists Explore The Sexual Politics of Meat– which accompanies an exhibition at The Animal Museum, in LA in 2017.  The book has been printed and is available to purchase from Lantern Booksartanimal_frontcover

I am honored, of course, that “The Art of the Animal: 14 Women Artists Explore The Sexual Politics of Meat” has been conceived and that 14 women whom I admire greatly are a part of this project. More importantly, I am excited to be a part of a project that at its heart is about artists and their art and how as artists they engage with theory, embodiment, and non-anthropocentric vision!!” – Carol Adams

The Art of the Animal is a visually stunning and intellectually stirring investigation of the female and animal body from a multitude of perspectives. Each artist reflects on her work, placing it within the context of their experiences as women, activists, and embodied beings. The artists include Nava Atlas, Sunaura Taylor, Hester Jones, Patricia Denys, Suzy Gonzalez, Maria Lux, Olaitan Callender-Scott, Renee Lauzon, Angela Singer, Lynn Mowson, Yvette Watt, L.A. Watson, Janell O’Rourke, and Kathryn Eddy. In addition, Dr. Keri Cronin, a leading cultural historian from Brock University, has written the foreword; Carol J. Adams herself has composed an afterword; and National Museum of Animals and Society founder and director, Carolyn Mullin has contributed an essay.