fleshlumps – inanimate bodies

Just finished up the final piece for our m0wson&MOwson work at Why Listen to Animals?,   This fleshlump will ‘voice’ the grumpy meat.

at Liquid Architecture, Westspace, 7pm Thursday 20th October 2016

inanimate bodies – three sculptural fleshlumps performed, as if awakening in a butchers shop in the middle of the night. The fleshlumps were passed around through the audience to hold, caress, avoid, squirm away from and most importantly listen to. The three lumps voiced: a baby veal calf, an old dairy cow and a rotting steak. These works were developed as an act of creative madness and strategic anthropomorphism – futile attempts to make meat speak.

Making flesh lumps speak

‘Butchering’ an old work from beautiful little dead things to make some new [hopefully speaking] fleshlumps for ‘Why Listen to Animals’ Liquid Architecture/Westspace, 20 October 2016.

A little bit of strategic anthropomorphism at play here – channeling diary cows …

Why Listen to Animals?

I’m involved in this new Liquid Architecture project at West Space beginning soon.  Working collaboratively with Bruce to respond to this question.

LA2016: Why Listen To Animals?
The possibilities of meaning when we listen to animals and they listen to us.

THU 29 Sep – SAT 22 Oct 2016
West Space
Level 1/225 Bourke St, Melbourne

Artists: Bunna Lawrie, Cecilia Vicuña, Camila Marambio, Bryan Phillips, Kim Satchell, Honey Anthony Magen, Mel Deerson with Georgina Criddle, Rob Thorne, Eric Avery, Tamsen Hopkinson and Julia McFarlane and Max Kohane, Will Foster and Sabrina D’Angelo, Undine Sellbach, Tessa Laird, Lynn V Mowson and Bruce Mowson, Catherine Clover and Peter Knight, Sally Ann McIntyre, RMIT sound students.

This experimental project by Liquid Architecture reframes English writer and artist John Berger’s classic 1980 essay ‘Why Look at Animals?’ through the prism of sound and listening. We gather together artists, musicians, scientists and historians to investigate human-animal sound via the dynamics of power, knowledge and value in the pursuit of a new question: ‘Why Listen to Animals?’

Creaturely Feelings Catalogue

Here’s a link to the Creaturely Feelings exhibition catalogue which accompanied the exhibition at the Dax Gallery in July 2015.  The exhibition was curated by Dr Caroline Wallace for the Animal Publics: Emotion, Empathy and Activism conference.  I exhibited a number of fleshlumps (creatures).

Download: Creaturely Feelings catalogue


Flesh Lumps, Installation, Photo: Kerry Leonard

The Art of the Animal has arrived!

Here’s the book The Art of the Animal, Lantern Press, 2015.  Featuring my chapter and 5 wonderful full colour pages of images.  Great to be involved in this project which will continue with an exhibition SPOM: Sexual Politics of Meat Exhibition at The Animal Museum, in 2017.

Coming up: Creaturely Feeling, The Dax Centre Melbourne

Opening on Monday 13th July – Creaturely Feeling at the Dax Centre.  Curated by Caroline Wallace, this exhibition is part of the Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy and Activism conference at Melbourne University.  The exhibition will feature a few of my ‘flesh lumps’ series, and I’ll be talking about these little sculptures in my presentation at the conference on the same day.

The exhibition also features works by Trish Adams, Andre Brodyk, Catherine Clover, Kate James, Susie Marcroft and Elizabeth Presa.

Flesh Lumps, Installation, Photo: Kerry Leonard

The Art of the Animal to be launched at AASA Conference in Australia


On Monday 13th July The Art of the Animal will be launched at the AASA Animal Publics: Emotions, Empathy and Activism conference by Melissa Boyde Chair of the AASA.  Fellow artist/academic Yvette Watt will also say a few words.

People who supported the book will be getting their copy in the mail soon and it’s also available for purchase at Amazon or Lantern Books soon.  I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy.

A couple of photos from the launch:

Melissa Boyde launching art of the animal    1 Yvette Launching Art of the Animal

Left: Melissa Boyde Launching Art of the Animal
Right: Artist / Contributor – Yvette Watt saying a few words at the launch

Photos: Fiona Probyn-Rapsey