Boobscape (leather symbol)


Finished up this new work – a boobscape in the format of the leather symbol – bringing the link between the slink series and boobscape closer together.  An iteration of this piece will be shown at Selvedge as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival.

I had been considering incorporating the sea anemones floor pieces – however, I think I will leave it plain and threaded – as there is more research work to do incorporating the issue of agricultural pollution on waterways/water-creatures, and those strange little half plant, half animal carnivorous creatures (anemones).

Udder nonsense

Having way too much fun with the relationship between udder and utter [a word I tend to utterly overuse].   This clay mould is ready to cast.  I really enjoy the strings in the background looking like thin streams of milk – I’d been thinking more elaborately of streams of white silicon – but maybe strings are able to do the job just as effectively.  IMG_4733

Collaboration ahoy …

Excellent news – the proposed collaborative panel ‘Performing response-abilities: fleshy encounters in a time of ecological crisis’ has been accepted for Performance Climates, PSi 22nd Conference at Melbourne University.  Creative writers Hayley Singer and Sue Pyke and I will work together to consider how artists might foster new imaginary climes to address, through fleshy encounters, the role of meat production in climate change.