back in the studio

Selvedge at Space@Collins has finished and it’s great to now have time to get back into the studio and make some new work – lots of ideas!

Wow …

Fangirl moment: these two pictures are truly amazing and continue to delight me – on the left Professor Lori Gruen author of Entangled Empathy, sits beneath and also discusses boobscape for a video on Animaladies, Sydney, 2016.  On the Right: Carol Adams (author of The Sexual Politics of Meat) and myself standing under a second much larger iteration of boobscape, installed as part of SPOM: Sexual Politics of Meat Exhibition, The Animal Museum 2017.  Of course Gruen and Adams together also edited the incredible ‘Ecofeminism’, and have written many other influential and important texts.    I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet these women – I have to pinch myself!

Animaladies Install shots at Interlude Gallery

Lots of fun exhibiting along with the other artists at Animaladies, Interlude Gallery, Sydney.  Big thanks to Sharon Billinge for install help, Amber & Richard for wadding deliveries.  The curators Maddi Boyd, Melissa Boyde, Yvette Watt.  And of course Yamini Narayanan for taking better documentary photos than me!  Also photos available at Interlude Gallery website


Animaladies is featured in What’s On Sydney:

Let sleeping (with) dogs lie: crazy Animaladies exhibition celebrates interspecies collaborations in contemporary art.

‘Are we crazy to love and care for other species, at times more than other humans?’ asks co-curator Madeleine Boyd. ‘Other species often love us back in ways that are fulfilling and productive yet free from the conflicts of human experiences’… The exhibition accompanies an animal studies symposium, Animaladies, to be held 11–12 July at the University of Sydney which will focus on the role of madness reframed in terms of species, race and gender as ‘animaladies’.  ‘The artworks in this exhibition are wonderful examples of the vibrancy of the field, and the contribution the arts make in animal studies scholarship,’ said co-curator Yvette Watt who lectures at the Tasmanian College of the Arts….


Animaladies invite

“ANIMALADIES, is a term coined by Assoc. Prof. Fiona Probyn-Rapsey with the intention to reframe stereotypical cultural connections between madness, species, race and gender. Social marginalisation of animal advocates, animal carers and animal studies scholars is resisted by this exhibition. Artists reveal how the ‘crazy love’ of the animal advocate for non-human species can reveal forms of courageous wisdom and persistence in the face of impossibilities and improbabilities.”
ANIMALADIES July 11- July 22, 2016, Glebe, Sydney