The Animal Museum

The Animal Museum is opening in December 2016, I’ll be heading over in February 2017 to be part of the Art of the Animal: Sexual Politics of Meat exhibition – which I see they’ve abbreviated to SPOM! – and I’m also looking forward to viewing their permanent exhibit of the history of animal advocacy in the US.

Info about the exhibition as it becomes available:


Work in progress

Utilising these hot days to get some Plasticine mouldmaking work done – possibly for a new wall work for Selvedge [Melbourne Fashion Festival ‘VAMFF’] – using the leather symbol as the outline, the work extends the slink and boobscape series.   While these seem to be mostly human-animal breasts, they push the boundaries between the human and non-human breast, some are small and young – a nod to the age of farmed animals when forced breeding commences, they are multiple and pressed together, they droop and extend.


Why listen to Animals?

mOwson&M0wson performance for Liquid Architecture @ Westspace

Introductory talk discussing listening to animals, followed by handing out the moo’ing and speaking fleshlumps, featuring ‘baby veal’, ‘dairy cow’ and ‘grumpy old steak’.

Fantastic documentation by photographer Kellan O’Hehir, some of which are shown here.