Art of the Animal Exhibition

The exhibition that accompanies the book The Art of the Animal will be hosted at new premises of The Animal Museum, LA between February 24 – April 30th 2017.  Carol Adams will be joining us for the opening on the Friday night, and there will be a weekend of artist’s panels and talks.  More news to follow.

Animaladies video

Thrilled that Lori Gruen discusses my work in this video

“and this work is also meant to be in a very deep way, an empathetic work, and part of what’s happening is we’re meant to understand our embodiment and the embodiment of dairy cows, who are not thought to be worth thinking about need to be thought about and need to be paid attention to.   And I think this work does this beautifully, and horribly … it does the messaging in a way that is really shocking, and importantly shocking, so it is political work, it’s political art in an important way, but it is also meant to evoke a certain type of empathetic engagement with other female bodies.”

Lori Gruen – Interview Animaladies: (2:40-4:00)