Fleshy encounters – performing response-abilities

It’s getting close to the deadline for our creative collaboration ‘Fleshy encounters’ at Psi #22. Creative writers Sue Pyke and Hayley Singer and I will join forces to fragmentarily present three short readings.  Contextualised within the framework of performing climates – our works draw down to the micro, the individual, the embodied, the flesh, and death.  Expanded – they allude to violence, feminism, masculinities, sexual oppression, climate change.  One more session together before we present on Thursday 7 July.

Australian feminist art timeline

Great to see my name listed in the Australian Feminist art timeline – a project initiated by Daine Singer for The View From Here: 19 Perspectives on Feminism, an exhibition and publishing project held at West Space as part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival.  Documenting exhibitions, artists, artworks and milestones that have contributed to discussion and development of feminist art in Australia.  I’m listed as part of f generation: feminism, art, progressions. George Paton Gallery, Melbourne. October 7–16, 2014


Animaladies invite

“ANIMALADIES, is a term coined by Assoc. Prof. Fiona Probyn-Rapsey with the intention to reframe stereotypical cultural connections between madness, species, race and gender. Social marginalisation of animal advocates, animal carers and animal studies scholars is resisted by this exhibition. Artists reveal how the ‘crazy love’ of the animal advocate for non-human species can reveal forms of courageous wisdom and persistence in the face of impossibilities and improbabilities.”
ANIMALADIES July 11- July 22, 2016, Glebe, Sydney